Monday, November 28, 2011


Let me be your candle
in the night of struggle.
Let me be your spark
your little light in the dark.
Let me suffer for your sake
I offered my life, you should take.

I will always be your candle
your silent friend in the battle.
I will always be your guide
your shelter in the tide .
Yes I will always be your candle
if you just let me .


morion said...

Let me be ur candle in the night of struggle ... Ganda nung line na un,,, wew srap ma inlab,;)

germz said...

but you're just a candle and in time, you will all just be used up... (sorry bout that just breaking the drama and the seriousness)hehe

but we really all need our own candles...

ProvokedThoughts said...

very nice poem this original?

Little miss said...

everything that i posted and will post here are all orig. They are made by me. I guess except for the photos that i just love to post .

chrisair said...

Little miss you had a great talent in writing poems please keep on posting, and don't be shy to share it in FBW

McRICH said...

my kind of blog, short but powerful :)

Ads said...

One short but full of content poem. Great job!

Little miss said...

thanks everyone !

Mich said...

Short but sweet! Keep on writing! :)

Sining Factory said...

Yung tula mo ay parang kandila. Simple lng pero malaki ang impact. Maliit pero maliwanag. :)Good job!