Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Did you enjoy your Halloween ? hmm what costume did you worn ? How many treats do you got and earned ??? 

   Asking me ? I absolutely enjoy my Halloween . Regularly my halloween is just spending this day as usual . Nothing is new . All are just repeated actions of yesterday . But this last Halloween , I can say that it was not an ordinary day . Hmm If I am correct this is the first time I enjoyed the Halloween . yah , I enoyed my halloween , HOW ?? continue reading :))

   The photo above was a picture of my niece and nephews . Guess who ruined their faces ?? haha its none other than ME . Your right , I just started my career as make-up artist :)) MAKE-UP ARTIST OF THE DEAD .While I'm watching a horror movie.  They knock on our door and ask me to dress them up for this halloween . I got a bright idea !  I immediately went to my closet and find worn out clothes there . I get it to serve as there costume . I had a lot of fun painting there faces . I keep on laughing while doing it . They are cool , they calmly cooperate without any hesitation . I feel so glad . hahaha can't hold but laugh out loud . I get some " HARINA" and mix it with face powder . I got my lipstick and eyeliner on the side. It just last 5 mins. to dress them one by one . Feeling like a stylist ha ! 

     After I finish putting them make-ups, We roam around our area . They knock on each neighbors door and TADA !! TRICK OR TREAT :)) We walk don the street and all eyes are looking at them . Although there are other children that was in costumes too , still the gossips stared at my children . Haha what a funny experience . I am the manager of my little kids . I hold the candies and the money that people gave . What am I doing? I am eating the candies while we are walking without their knowledge c(: !! The kids are having fun to . They keep on running and running to somewhere . They are also enjoying  what we are doing . 

   We earn a lot of candies and money . We are all tired even if we just walk for almost 1 hour and half . I divided the treats to them and sad part , I don't get some :(( HUH .. UNFAIR !! 

Whatever hatred saves the number.

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air said...

hi jackie, nice make up and photography too, it really scare some people but not me heheheh

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