Saturday, November 19, 2011

give me a title ?? I don't know what title i will give to this ??

Keep on asking questions ?
tired of all frustrations ?
have you search or solutions ?
or solve the equations ?
No, you just guess the conclusion !!
Have you made any action ?
or move to change the motion ?
No, you just sit and made prediction !!

Debris of the past piled up,
pieces of the glass where wrapped .
Broken mirrors unfixed,
melancholic life it is.
Mournful souls awake,
happiness and gay it take.
Sleeping sorrows scattered,
entered the hearts of the bothered .

Step out of the box,
go get that golden ax .
work , start to carve
feel bless of what you have.

1 comment:

Sagittarian said...

Lovely poem!:) What about "Poem Of Unsure?" hahaha..just kidding..:) I love your poem dear!:) Keep sharing!