Friday, November 18, 2011

I feel like cheated hmmm !

    Nov. 15 ,2011 . It was a heavy day for me . I'm so busy doing school activities and it actually like kill me
 ( huh exaggerated )   But I have something to laugh or to be annoy either about this day .
 I wanted to share this foolish moments of mine :))

    It was a tiring day as what I said . While I'm on my way home from our school with my 2 classmates ,
 we passed through a vendor of random things. ( Here in the Phil. there was many vendors which uses the 
trick of luck, I mean the lucky people should only win it. It goes like there was a paper with nothing and its where will you choose from it, and when you dropped it in the water, a number or a letter sometimes shapes
 will appear. If your lucky and guessed what the content of the paper, you absolutely won a prize ). 
Hmm guess what I did. I go back and pick a paper there . 1 piece of paper and a guess cost 5 php. . 
First try was a failure. 2nd try was a foolish one . then the 3rd, 4th, 5th try was a d*mn !! I didn't got at least 1 correct guess !! grrrrr..... 1 spent my 50 php just for nothing . It was very disgusting ! The money that I lost was my last budget that day . My wallet cry out. agrrrrrr !!!!

   So that's all . That's the day when I lost my mind and left it on somewhere . haha..
 LESSON : don't ever trust the luck ! It MIGHT NOT COME . YOU MIGHT LOOSE ! hehehe ..


ChrisAir said...

just chillax everything will be fine and go with your way

tatess said...

i am sure the vendor was so happy to have you as a costumer again next time. who knows, you might come back to try your luck again.

Ads said...

you might as well have bought something nice for yourself with that P50. 2 Cornetto ice creams might have made your day! :D

Little miss said...

tatess : Hmm i don't think i will try my luck again by that game .

ads : yah , if i only knew i would not win i rather buy chocolate that cost P50 ( HERSHEY'S )

kikilabotz said...

hahahaha alam ko yun, kadalasan yung palabunutan yun sa mga itik eh, hahahaha.. nice post ^_^

Little miss said...

kikilabot : tama :)
hehe pero ung prize dun is not itik . CELLPHONE kasi kaya naging inerested akong magtry.