Friday, January 31, 2014

News Head Set from CD-R King

Good Day everyone :"))

So I am very Happy today because of my newly bought Headset from CD-R King in SM Sta.Mesa , Manila.  To tell you my story guys I always love listening to music when traveling to school and anywhere. It's a sort of relaxing for me and really refreshing off course specially when it's my favorite Avril Lavigne's song's. But in an unexplainable way , every headphone or headset, whatever! I bought only last for atleast 1 week. Yah, 1 WEEK ONLY ! the longest was 1 month . But actually the original one which I bought from Samsung last 5 months atleast.

I am a student and I'm really on budget, so I don't afford buying so expensive ones and so today my friend was gonna buy her head phones too on CD-R King and so I tried buying too because I already destroyed the old one which last for 1 week.

We found different styles of headset that ranges from 20 pesos to 300 pesos. That was pretty cheap right !
And I love it. Off course we wont buy the 300 pesos worth headphones,lol ! What we bought was one cute headset that cost 150 pesos .

My friend bought the black and white one and I bought the other one which is red and white. It was very simplistic and I think it rocks. It has that thing in the middle which controls the volume obviously and the one in it's middle was the pause and play button. I really love the packaging of this because it comes with that cute container, or whatever you call that where you can roll your wires and seal it with that transparent cap. It's really cute for me and really convenient . I love it because I know that my recent ones don't last because I'm not that careful in their wirings. I just roll it over and place it on my pouch or pocket. 

So I hope this one can satisfy me and my pleasure in music \ ( ^ u ^ ) /
I hope it last forever. Choss.

So if your looking for this kind of headset, just drop by cd-r king .

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A copy cat of apple earpods :)