Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just Loving

my heart beat fast and faster
each and every day we were together
our stories and our laughter
makes every darkness brighter
I can’t stop staring at you without a reason
and smile though I don’t know why
I miss you even your just beside me
and when your away I could die
but its a joke cause i really can’t make you cry
I’ve prove you love me a thousand times
so hilarious that I can still be angry sometimes
the nonsense discourse which I love
was you trying to hear me even you don’t like.
my depth feelings which no one could hear
was smoothly washed by your care
I cry you hug, I shout, you whisper
all the insecurities I have
was like idiot thoughts when I’m with you
you simply made me better
you simply made me new
I love you not because of these explanations
I love you because my heart simply do.
from the bottom of my hypothalamus.,.


A poem for my boyfriend :3
I really loved him but nah, my poems are not appreciated though because he don't want reading poems.
But i know he treasured all my letters for him and poems off course so it's still worth it. 
What's important is I love him . lalala !

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