Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm not MADAMOT !

First of all I wrote this blog to burst out my feelings. Like really, I can't contain this anymore. I'm gonna burst anytime now and I don't really know what to do. Yeah , after reading this you might judge me and my personality, blame me . It's alright!!

So I start the story with this, I have 3 siblings and 2 of them are girls. I'm the youngest and I am the one left studying because all of them has their own families already. Unfortunately my older sister get separated to her husband and end up running back to our parents with her one child. So here's the conflict, I'm not really madamot or selfish. In fact I whole heartedly accepted her in my room. So we shared in one room with her daughter. I don't have a problem with that. What I am complaining here was her using my clothes. At first It's  fine with me if she uses my belt, my umbrella or my bag because she's asking permission to me so I let her. Then she started using some of my clothes that would fit her. It was like very uncorrect or i don't know the term but i really don't feel comfortable with that. Specially me , which I really loves to buy clothes from my own savings and off course I don't wanna see my clothes being worn by others even if she's my sister. What irritates me more is that some of my clothes was given to me or bought for me by my boyfriend. So really value it and I don't want anybody to use it aside from me. I already told her that, so here comes the time when she still used those clothes and worst without any permission. awe!

And now the worst scenario had come na hindi ka na talaga siya kayang itolerate and I can't really really control my temper . I had this jeans which I borrowed from my classmate, had I mention I'm a bit chubby and my sis was thin . So just some of my clothes was being used by her. I borrowed that jeans because the one I'm wearing that day was super dirty because I sat down on a thing we really don't know what and whatever was that its a messy stuff. S o brought wore that jeans home and then put it aside my bed our bed to that i wont forgot it. The next day, she told me she likes the jeans, and she already fitted it and it fits her. I was a bit sarcastic that moment when I said, no I didn't loose weight, it's just happen that it's not mine , i just borrowed that and please don't dare using it cause i'm gonna washed it and give it back to my classmate.
it just happened that i have to go to school the next day so i forgot to washed it . The next day after I also have class but then I promised my classmate to give it on Thursday because we don't have class this Wednesday. The amazing thing is that my sis wore it that Tuesday when I was not at home, she used it together with my brand new bag which my boyfriend bought not a month ago. She went somewhere and I'm sure she's gonna be there for days.GROSS!! I really hate her now. And I promise to tell her all of this for confrontation, I don't mean to fight with her but to settle things between us ... ....I'M NOT ANGRY ANYMORE , JUST IRRITATED !

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