Saturday, March 10, 2012

SENIOR LIFE : Last Quarter

      These past days I had been very very busy in school . There's so much things that I need to accomplish and so much requirements I need to complete .I need to prepare for lots of test and events . I need to submit different projects and notebooks. I know these situation are common when the last quarter of school days arrive and I'm used to it already but as of now that these is the last quarter and last phase of my high school life and I can say that this is not the usual preparation for the end of classes.

      Senior life is not easy . Here you should be preparing yourself to a bigger challenge . This is the time where you need to choose courses which made you confused. Here you should start maturing and take life seriously. Senior life is not the start but a preparation like what I have said to the real world.

        Now is the last quarter of my senior life and I'm so stressed .. whaahahahah !!                
Rushing all day to complete duties which I left undone. My mind burst every time we took surprise test . I get confused when taking up entrance exams on my chosen schools without reviewing . I know I'm a big example of irresponsible  student (totoo naman po ).

              That's the reason why I can't update or write a post here. But as soon as I recover in this stressful situation I will continue posting and I ensure you that I will update regularly . For now give me some space blogsphere ^ _ ^ please !!

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