Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Graduation Day is coming !

              The most awaited part of being a high school student is the day that he /she will be walking on the stage and a rolled diploma will be given  to his/her. Mixed emotions with cheerful atmosphere will surround you. But is this really the day that high school student was waiting for ??

              When my fourth year  arrive, I actually wanted to turn back the calendar and move the hands of time faster. I don't really feel something special in my senior year. Same old faces  , same old friends. Same old school and same old teacher ( OLD??? ... I'm too bad ) . Time goes by and hence of those stressful days that comes along my way , I'm finding life a bit exciting . Preparation for the up coming graduation is the rumors. Different hear-say's and  but-if's. It was usual back then . But as the quarter of the year passed. The feeling is getting unusual . Task and research works are being piled up. Different requirement was needed. Hazardous situation is coming one by one. At this point , we can all say that graduation is really really near.

              Excitement is the most abundant feeling that overflows to us students. But the fact is not yet clear to us. Yes WE ARE GRADUATING , but why ??? why do we need to step out in our Alma Mater . I know I can answer this question on my own but still it's stock  on  my mind. The awkward moment when you feel so happy and excited because graduation day is getting nearer then suddenly you just frown and think of everything . The  moments, the memories  , the place , the teachers , classmates and your friends. Isn't it sad leaving them ? Isn't it annoying that you'll be entering strange building again next year ? Isn't it hard to sit on a classroom without  those same old classmates? Isn't it disgusting eating alone in your new canteen without your friends?

     Why am I saying this ?? why don't I go straight to the point .

     I admit that I'lll missing the old times. Everything !
Sad that I can't top now the time. Mad about the dull days that passes . Now I'm wishing to bring back the pages of our calendar and put them back again . How I wish I got Doraemon on my side to bring out the time machine. But thou it hurts alot, still we need to surpass all this stages in life . Its reality that we are living  in this wold of changes. We, I just need to accept it .


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