Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Junior-Senior Prom

              They said that high school life is not complete without your J.S Pom ( Junior-Senior Prom). . J.S Prom is the most awaiting night for high schoolers.After long years of hard studies , students should be rewarded for their hard work. They need to unwind their stressed minds and bodies.

            Lat February 17, 2012 , Fort Bonifacio High School , Located at Makati, Phil. celebrated a night full of cheers. We at FBHS enjoyed a prom ( unforgettable prom ) . Here are some photos that I took .

Me with my classmates

my classmates with the coordinators 

Danci'n and party rocki'n night !

Yah , we really have fun. The couples in high school dance when sweet music place and party people rocks when party songs are in the disc. DJ rides our trip and do some disc jockey trick.
Although it only last for 5 hours. 4-9 pm , We still enjoyed it


Grysh said...

I miss my prom! Glad you had fun in your JS Prom. It is something worth remembering! ^^

bagotilyo said...

so hindi pla kumpleto ang highschool life ko haha

.. answerte ko kasi wala yung batch namin ng JS ..


A Mom said...

nice site, happy weekend!