Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graduation Day

      The most a waited part of my high school life finally arrived . Last March 28, 2012 my Graduation Day was held in Fort Bonifacio High School . It was indeed a successful and victorious day for the 1,620 graduates including me (Kinda big population our school has). It went fine although some unexpected instances happened so that I called it an " EPIC FAIL GRADUATION " ( exaggerated ) . But of-course it ended so fine and memorable.

here is the story :

     The rule says that all of the student with their parent/guardian with 1:1 ration needs to be in school and form their line at 5:00 am to 5:30 am . The march of the graduates should start at 5:45 am and exactly 6:00 am the program will start . The rule was practiced repeatedly a week before the very day but still some "pasaway" student didn't make it that early. Weather the sections we're complete or not . The March start as what the rule said at 5:45 . Students should fill up all the seats and should not leave spaces . So where will the late comers  sit ???  They will sit at the back . At the back of the last section which is section 32 .

     At 6:00 am the program started but after a paragraph of the opening speech , the microphone collapsed . It was not heard then . The coordinators found that the power shut down . The sound system was affected . We waited for a few minutes and laugh when our teachers brought out a mega phone .

We don't really mean to laugh about that mega phone but  duhhh , the moment dude. All was quiet and serious then you'll brought out a mega phone like that . After a few seconds of laughter they tried using the mega phone . We don't know if they really know how to use it . ( Am I bad telling this ?? )
we get bored to just took some pictures  :

The sound system went fine after 5 or 6 minutes.  We just go on the program . Proceeding to the introduction of our distinguished guests, teachers, faculty heads, Dep-Ed officials and our Principal III, Mr. Wilmore C. Moredo .The Awarding of honors took so long . We had Mercury Drug and some sponsors who gave a plaque of recognition to them. FEU ( Far Eastern University ) granted our Valedictorian a full scholarship while half scholarship is granted to our Salutatorian. Some special guests took the floor and deliver their speech. At almost  8:00 am , the distribution of diplomas start. From section 1( Bonifacio) then section 2 , 3 and my beloved section 4 ( Agoncillo ) then downwards . Unexpectedly, an announcement fom the speaker fill our ears. " Let's all welcome the arrival of our dear Makati City mayor , Mr. Junjun Binay " , Eveyone stand ang clap our hands. Luckily , Mr. Mayor did not use the center isle rather the use the side way going to the stage so me , sitting at the side got the chance to shake hands with him .

The giving of diplomas continue with Mr. Mayor on the stage helping to distribute the diplomas. 
After that was the Valedictorian speech . Not that so emotional because they prefer it in English. ( we want it in Tagalog and on the spot  so that the emotion  will be emphasize, but no choice . )  Not to mention the time but it was already 10:00 am and the Mr. Sun is up up in the sky already . Super duper hot , as in we're burning . The teachers said that we are not allowed to use umbrellas or stand on where we are sitted but we have no choice ( baka maka-heat stroke kame ) So we did our own ways to avoid being toasted . Some put hanky's on their head and we girl just bow our heads..( Lusaw na maek-up namen ) .
At 11:30 the program ended with greetings to their 1,620 students Batch 2011-2012.

Me with my Father. He's one proud parent at this moment . ( how I wish . joke )


kiko said...

Congratulations! I love the new look!

Nic said...

Yeah, a megaphone isn't exactly going to encourage a quiet, dignifed atmosphere. :) Glad that you enjoyed your graduation though.

Mine was pretty miserable to be honest. We weren't allowed to throw our caps in the air to get the traditional "graduation" photos (something to do with health and safety apparently), some busybody had shouted at me for being "improperly dressed" (I wasn't) and one guy from the university was prevented from walking across the stage just because he was wearing trainers. One of the people in my class was sporting a bright purple mohawk, which didn't ruffle any feathers, but apparently, trainers were a step too far. I'm not quite seeing the logic behind that decision, but there you go.

And of course, an absolutely terrifying graduate jobs market was looming on the horizon, so we weren't really managing to summon up much of a good mood. I was pleased that I didn't trip over my own feet though. I'd convinced myself that I was going to go flat on my face, but I didn't. :)

Angel said...

Hey there! I love your blog =) Glad I stumbled across it while searching on the internet haha. By the way, congratulations for graduating from high school ;-)