Monday, April 02, 2012

Environmental Pollution Is A Direct Result Of Indurstrial Developlent And Urbanisation Too

Environmental pollution is a direct result of indurstrial developlent and urbanisation too . In the wake of modern technological development , the mills and factories are continually releasing vast quantities of harmful by-products and wastes in the atmosphere, affecting the entire environment. The burning of coals and other fuels at homes and nfactories emits foul gases that contribute to air pollution. Polluted water is not less harmful that polluted air. Water pollution is caused mainly by sewage disposal , uncontrolled discharge of waste matters form factories and oil discharges form ships. Again, there is another priblem -noise pollution. It causes acute nervous and mental tension and ear troubles too. The vehicles on the roads and the aeroplane in the sky are the sources of this noise pollution. We are happy to note in this connection that our government has already started taking measures to keep the environment clear and free form any sort of pollution.

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