Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm a WINNER !

       I'm a forgetful person and I really admit that. This past week , a thought knocks on my mind. It says that I entered some giveaway raffles hosted by different bloggers. I can't remember whom and where did I joined and whats the prizes . Well , its usual for me . Then suddenly a post from Ms. Joy Blanca caught my attention . The post contain the winners of her Notepad Corners Author Birthday Bash. "I joined this raffle" this came into my mind. I opened the link and then .... dandararan ..... [ drum roll ] .... I won the second prize which is an ELECTRIC BLENDER !

Special thanks to Ms. Joy Blanca for hosting my first winning raffle contest here in the blogsphere .
I am very happy because I just broke our blender last December .
Now tada! an instant replacement for it ...

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