Monday, February 06, 2012

My PageRank Decreased

           When I head the news that the Google Page Rank already made an update . I rapidly went to their site to check out if my page rank increase or decrease . The bad news was in front of me. From PR 3 my page rank goes down to PR 2. Well , I don't know why its like that . I really have no idea .

        Honestly when I got the PR3 , I was really shocked and happy off course . Know why ? its because I haven't done anything to make my page rank that high.. I was just a beginner and my blogging career just started last 4 months ago. There are bloggers which I met who keeps on asking me what did I do to get that PR 3 . I;m a shame for I have nothing to reply. I don't know how my blog reached that page rank.

        It's just sad to know that my page rank decreased . Very sad but thats still okay . I will just continue my way of blogging ..


Anonymous said...

My rank's still the same. Walang pinagbago.. Gusto ko rin sanang magkaroon ng pr4 or maybe 5, kaso hindi nagjump ang rank ko eh. oh well..

Xan Gerna said...

hehe.. OK lang yan mababawi pa naman yan sa susunod ^_^
just keep on blogging.

ako wala akong pakialam sa rank rank na yan lol : )

violy vallester said...

Im blogging for for 2 months palang don't even know what PR means until nabasa ko sa FBW wall hehe, first time I tried it I'm pr1 then Nung nag upgrade I checked and I'm PR2... Need to research about it more.I still don't know what it means... Shame on me.. Hehe ;)

Nortehanon said...

Funny but I had no idea, too, what a page rank is. Until I got some emails emails saying they checked my page rank and they would like to advertise on my site. So I googled about it and found out that mine is PR3. That was 3 years ago and until now wala pa rin akong inilagay na ads sa blog ko hehehe. Yun pa rin ang page rank ko ngayon, ayaw tumaas hahaha.

Good luck on blogging and don't worry about the rank, unless you want to earn some moolah from your blog ;)

chrisair said...

you still got it high, atleast now machachalenge ka na mgblog pa para maabot yang PR3 mo

JHOANA said...

It's okay sis! bawi nalang next time =) kaya yan.. my page rank is still the same btw, 2. hehe!