Friday, December 09, 2011

starting to learn WEB DESIGNING

      I am so eager to learn more about this world wide web and explore different things within this circle, but as I go deeper exploration I found so many things which caught my attention. These things really hangs me. They disturbed my mind always . So one by one I wanted to learn them all. I wanted to discover more about them and my first task is to know more about web designing . Web designing is a very interesting for me. The templates of other bloggers really made me insecure ( haha ) I always wanted to have and build my own design . But I know that was too far for me to grasp. Now , I decided to start learning this. I am watching videos on youtube. By the way watching tutorials via youtube is  what I prefer most , I'm not that good reader and I just get drowsy whenever the article or info's don't enter my mind. As what I have said , I have started watching videos and these videos really do help me. Very awesome!! Well I am just starting , watch out for my own design .. haha ( if I could do one ). Hope I can !!

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chrisair said...

wishing you all the best in web designing, as for me I can't just use only a default in blogger