Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Is this the world ??

Is this the world of human being ?
a world that is always pretending
Is this the only planet with life ?
Yes ! this is the planet of strife.
A big circle of frustrations,
A huge compartment of possession.

Luxurious beings lived within
Living their life alone with scheme.
This is the world of sinners
no saints , no greek gods but liers ,
Yes, this is the world of the human.
A cruel and sarcastic world of man.

Oh what a pathetic world I have been
I can't hold but scream
I can't believe what I have seen
I tried describing these by words,
but this is an unpredictable world
and I'm alone to do these works.


air said...

what a nice poem...

c5 @ said...

Try to focus on the positive because what you focus on is what you see. :)

ralph said...

nice poem jhackie... i agree with c5, try focusing on nice things... poems are more lovelier when its inspiring, spirit-lifting, alive and faith-inspired... Yahweh bless.

Matsumoto said...

Yes, this is the world that became the enemy of God. You have to get out... :P

Little miss said...

yah , your all right . it is good to look at the brighter side but lets not just focus on it. sometimes we needed to see the darker side to realize the wrongs.

Anonymous said...

Tama! Kailangan din natin makilala ang mga negatibong bagay para mas lalu natin mapatingkat ang kasalungat nito.

Kahit na masalimuot ang paglalarawan, walang dapat ipangamba dahil lahat tayo sa mundong ito ay nakikidaan lang.

Magandang Araw!