Thursday, December 22, 2011


 I remember my peers having problem with this CURFEW hour. That time I never knew what it mean. Is it a special time ? for what ? I asked them about it and they explain it to me very clearly. So here's my own research of it :)

      Curfew came from  the word covrefeu , an old french word that means cover the fire . Back then people in France set their time on when they will kill the flame of their candles or lamps. They call this time as covrefeu. At the Mid English or called Anglo-Frech they pronounced it as coverfeu . The word evolves as it pass through languages and comes out with the word "CURFEW". This means a regulation or rule requiring a person to be at home at an specific and prescribe time given by the ones who had the authority , maybe parents , officials in town or elders. It may also mean as an order establishing a specific time in the evening after which certain regulations apply, especially that no civilians or other specified group of unauthorized persons may be outdoors or that places of public assembly must be closed. (This was a short research)

Nowadays there are several acts or laws in our country containing rules of curfew. Different places here in our country are consummating this laws. Indeed , this rule will really help the town officials to organize the public places or the city. This regulation should be followed by youth .Well , when we look at it closer it is obviously for teenagers who loves staying outdoors late at night.

       My some of  friends are like vampires. They love staying outside during night so this is their big problem.
I remembered when they where caught by the barangays who roam around our place at night. Haha they sleep at our Barangay Hall. I guess they learned their lesson by then. Starting that night they never went out when our curfew hour started..


Clint said...

I haven't experienced being on curfews. BTW, thanks for this trivia.

chrisair said...

I always implemented it to my son

Jerminix said...

so that's what curfew means, now I know :), informative post indeed

mary mary quite contrary said...

my mom used to give us the 6pm curfew, so whenever we come home and have time for playing outside, kahit high school na ako, nakikipag football talaga ako, and my trick is nagsusuot ako ng puti para confused yung babato kase mahirap maglaba at para hindi naman nakakahiya sa akin hehehehe. when i turned older wala ng curfew, allowance few na lang para di makagala lols.

thanks for the blog visit!