Saturday, October 22, 2011


Once in my life
darkness filled me up.
Loneliness has carve
into my my tired heart .
Too many times I had been broken
so many times been fixed,
but then ripped me again .

You are all so blind.
My burdens were bind.
Behind the cloud where I see the light,
still here contented seeing it.
Never to aim holding it.
Afraid of falling,
afraid of being crushed.
Regrets holds me back,
Memories pushes me down.

I just stay here.
Stay broken and unfixed.
just here contented ,
with my wounds that will never heal .

1 comment:

ayub said...

This poem is nice, showing the desperate state of mind, yet one must always remember that after every sunset there is certainly going to be a 'dawn' which will bring sunshine in one's life.