Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what I mean is " I'M SORRY"

I wanted to escape the past
the memories that crushed.
I wanted to turn back fast,
and just forget that trash!

I made my heart a numb,
even if I looked dumb.
I hide on my poker face,
I erases all that trace,
But still your mark gives pain,
because it actually remains.

Still I can't hide what's true,
that I am missing you.
2 long years we been through,
I always do , searching you !

I wanted to bring back yesterday,
wishes that it was today.
But how can I do ??
if I'm doing this without you !
I'm just asking for one clue ,
Am I forgotten , or be forgiven by you ??

--- I dedicate this to my friend. A friend who were there for 2 long years, 
but now we are separated by conflict and misunderstanding.
I misses her a lot :((

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