Monday, October 17, 2011


A mysterious world where you have been
by your own you fill it in.
Build your goals and plans with in,
it is what we called a DREAM.

Close your eyes and lay your back,
open it and your back to the track.
Far from reality you saw the crack,
of your life of pure black.

Fantasies and great illusions,
burdens and deep frustrations
in life filled with continues explosions.
It is where you found your passion.

The smart escape from society,
living life  alone with vanity.
Do you think it would help you in reality 
that dreaming is your way of being happy ?

deeply think before you woke up ,
to found out that your progress was stock up .
You live in your dreams without being  aware,
that life in this world was too unfair..

Seek for the truth in the real world,
Walk in the axis of planet earth.
Learn from your dreams word by word,
reflect it on life to have its worth.

1 comment:

tatess said...

nice poem .Dream is not reality,according to a song which is true.That is why we always wakes up after every dream.

i always wanted to compose a poem but unfortunately wala yata akong talent.