Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make it REAL

Dreams are made for us to believe,
they are made for us to achieve.
We should not ever retrieve,
or should not ever grieve.

Dreams are there to serve as goals,
thou there are walls made by foes.
Plant a seed and watch it grows,
then harvest a fruit worth of golds.

Pursue your dreams and make it real,
let your hearts desires reveal.
Wake up and make a deal,
learn to labor for your dreams.

Amidst the dark you should  put a light,
to serve as guide while seeking the right.
The tunnels end was far enough,
for you to be smart and tough.

Touch the sky and catch the stars,
stop the rain and ride a cloud.
You've gone so far from the start,
Never give up, say it a loud !

--- jhackie P.


Kelly said...

Hey Jhackie!
I love this poem its so true! Thank you for following my blog! Im following yours too :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


ayub said...

Thanks, its highly motivating. It will help me to follow my dream.