Tuesday, April 10, 2012

K to 12 Dep-Ed Program in UMAK

     This April 10 , 2012 an orientation about the K to 12 program of Dep-Ed was held at University of Makati ( UMAK ) . I was able to witness the orientation and hear the truth behind the rumors of this very controversial program. This orientation was exclusive today for us , Fort Bonifacio High School graduates for we are the upcoming students that are affected in this .


     The University of Makati together with the Department of Education and with the help of the City Government Makati will lead the K to 12 program here at the National Capital Region for the higher learning this 2012-2013 for the students who are interested to enroll at the University of Makati. The K to 12 program is aiming :

     1. to enhance the capability of the students who graduated  in high school in having enough knowledge and skills to be able to work efficiently. 
     2.  to be more prepared for their college .
     3.  to help students attain the Certificate of Competency ( COC's ) and National Certificates ( NC's ) to follow  the regulation of  TESDA .
     4.  to be able to compete for the global opportunity.

      Dep-Ed Makati and UMAK is ensuring the students and parents that they already plotted everything for the upcoming Grade 11 . They are hoping for success in leading the program as one of the fifteen PILOT IMPLEMENTING DIVISION in the whole country this school year .

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      The orientation explains the advantage of taking up another 2 years for high school . They said that this 2 additional years will help student to attain skills that can be use right after they graduate high school. They can work automatically for they already had the certificates and the advance knowledge for their specific desire jobs. In this 2 years , students will be taking up just 5 major subjects ( English , Math , Science , Filipino , P.E ) and 3 additional subject every Friday. This additional subjects will focus in advance learning like studying different languages ( French , Mandarin etch.). They said that this program is very efficient in attaining the quality education that our country is aiming . It will help us train and prepare our students in a longer time for them to reach the right knowledge ,  preparedness , focus and strong desire in helping them choose their careers.

    They are serious in implementing this program . UMAK suggested everyone of us to support and enroll in their program . If we won't cooperate in them . They confidently said that they would not also entertain us . So we won't be able to take up college in UMAK if we are not under the K to 12 program of Dep-Ed .

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  •  Universal Kindergarten     :    2011-2012
  • New Curriculum for Grade 1 and Grade 7 ( High School Year 1 )    :  2012-2013
  • Grade II ( high school year 5 )      :    2016-2017
  • Grade 12 ( High school year 6 )   :  2017-2018
  • The first batch of students under the K to 12 program will graduate in the year of 2018 

        The 2 additional year will be added as SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL . 


sigrid @poshpost said...

well, i just really hope that this is for the best. i really don't think adding more years is the solution.

Lhyzie said...

k12? honestly nagugulahan ako if approve ako or not jan :(

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Goodness. It seems like an eternity before you can finish school!

michymichymoo said...

I'm against it. I don't think it suits our financial situation as a country.

leira said...

magulo ang K+12 i think the solution is to upgrade the facilities and taasan ang sueldo nang teachers

Angel said...

This can become a benefit for students who plan to study abroad, especially if they would be required to study two more years in high school, lalo na sa Canada at sa United States. But frankly, I don't think adding extra years of schooling is the solution because not every student is given the privilege to go school for being financially unstable.

Lizzie Finance Depot said...

This is also applies to my newly grad sis... I just hope that our economy can support the new system.