Friday, June 28, 2013

James Yap uploads a 'closer' photo with Italian gf

Wherever in Europe he is right now, James Yap is surely enjoying whatever’s left of his five-week break from the hard court.

A week after posting his first public photo with his mysterious Italian girlfriend via Instagram, the cager teases his fans with yet another sweet photo.

In his latest Instagram post, the San Mig Coffee superstar can be seen posing behind a statuesque beauty in an undisclosed restaurant. (A much closer and clearer photo next time please James?)

Earlier reports say James' "simple and modest" lady love is working in the banking industry. 

James also seems to be unfazed by his ex-wife Kris Aquino’s apparent disgust when he failed to visit his 6-year-old son on Father’s Day last June 16.

Last month, a Makati regional trial court favored James Yap’s right to see Bimby after denying the permanent protection order sought by Kris Aquino.

According to a source, James is expected to come back to the Philippines before his training with San Mig Coffee Mixers resumes on July 8. Is he coming back to the country with his Italian girlfriend? Let's wait and see.

James Yap poses with his Italian girlfriend. (Photo from James Yap's Instagram account)

I hope you find someone worth it than any other  out there.

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