Sunday, July 07, 2013

I don't want to PAUSE

"I don't want to stop what ever I am doing because when I do my whole world will collapse right in front of me."

I experience this kind of feeling that when I stop on whatever I am doing all the problems and such are fastly getting into my system and I can't control my emotion as well as my mood when these things captured my whole mind. It really sucks to feel this kind of thing. I badly want it to be avoided but problems, stress and other things are bothering me. I am suffering now because of piled up family, financial and personality problems. All I can do was to entertain myself. I keep myself busy in school and keep my mind occupied even by nonsense stuffs. I don't want to stop talking and doing something though it means that people may say bad about me because I don't lose story and energy. As much as I want to stop I won't and I couldn't.
Because when I do, I am really frustrated, getting confused and found myself lost already.

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