Sunday, August 28, 2011


     Back when I was a kid, I remember crying for some candies, junk foods and chocolates. I absolutely love sweets. Thats why when I grew a bit older ( 8 or 9 ) my teeth are damage.They are not that good to look at :( .I do brush my teeth everyday but still I can't make my teeth beautiful :) . As a child I keep wondering why......When the time comes that I understand why is it like that, a thought comes to my mind. CHOCOLATES, CHOCOLATES..its the cause why my teeth is damage!!! hmmmmmm... Will i stop eating chocolate ?? NO I WON'T :). I still eat too much chocolates. Its the time that I don't stop brushing my teeth everyday. I don't skip even 1 moment trice a day brushing my teeth. And when my milk teeth were gone. And my permanent teeth starts growing I slowdown eating sweets.

     Now I just can't stop this addiction in sweets. When I'm happy I eat chocolate. Specially when I'm down. I eat chocolate. As far as I know scientist proven that it can lessen bad vibrations because it contains something ( oh! i don't know what it is .) For me its one way of escaping from reality to a peaceful world. I found silence when I eat chocolates , specially when dark choco's.Oh! I love it. Now that I am a teen and I care too much for the so called outer appearance I took good care of my teeth , but I won't stop my habit. I won't ever stop eating choco's :))

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