Monday, August 29, 2011


    Years just past by in a glance. Hours seems like a second. Days are like hours. It seems like yesterday I was just a kid. Playing with other children. Innocent and pure. I can still remember my childhood days. When all was too easy for me. When I knew no problem at all. When life seems to be a big game and I will play it fare and square. When the world seems too big in my eyes and the right and wrong  are not that clear. The toys are just around . And my laughter just fill my parents day. When I woke up until I sleep at night , all their eyes are on me. I got to much attention and feel so love at all. I reminisce all the memories when I felt down. It made me smile a little. When I giggle and roll all around, people around me will laugh. My little works made them happy. In my number of words, they gave too many meanings. I guess I misses all these things.

--- to be continue

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