Thursday, July 03, 2014

When nothing goes RIGHT , go Left !

Don't envy other people, don't depend yourself to them. Don't rely your ambition to their achievements. You may be jealous and intimidated because of their success but always remember, you know their success not their failures. People have different problems, different  struggles in life. It may vary in weight but problems are always problems. Struggles exist to make us stronger. Trials build our muscles to be tough enough to face waves of  life's greatest  challenge. It's always a cycle of ups and downs. Don't loose hope . Stand and wait for the sunrise. It will always be there and it will never be gone unless you allow yourself not to look unto it.

When nothing goes right, go left. So cool quote that motivate me to write this post at this time of night. I'm at the edge of giving up. In the edge of quitting. Love is like a scrap of paper I always want to throw in the trash bin, but pick it up and dust off after. I hate it. But yeah, after a bunch of motivational quote I have read and I found myself wanting to fight again. I realize I was never a quitter and I will never be.

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